Security IT security service.

DBAPPSecurity IT security services are performed by experienced professionals using proven methods and techniques. Our services have helped clients uncover network and application weaknesses and exploitable vulnerabilities. The insights resulting from DBAPPSecurity assessment services will provide you with the knowledge to make your IT environment more secure.

Our services can be any combination of generic vulnerability scanning, penetration testing specific on examination of the source code, or computer forensics and system incident responses as separate SaaS project.


Security Service Principles

  • All implementing based on international criterions
  • BS 7799: 2-2002, ISO/IEC7799, ISO/IEC TR13335, OWASP TOP 10, OWASP
  • Risk Rating Methodology
  • Services Strictly Controllable
  • Persons, Processes, and Tools Strictly Under Control
  • Minimizes Impacts In Overall Processing
  • Maximizes Client’s Investment

Web Application Security Service
Website or Web-base application security is essential to modern organizations. Unlike other IT systems that can be given full protection of a firewall and IDPS, the web server has to be exposed to outside world to fulfill its purpose. Because it is unable fully to be protected, the web application has become the most common route for exploiting security flaws. And because it’s public-facing, there’s no hiding the fact that exploits have happened. Defacements are obvious, when intruders gain access to user data you have no choice but to admit the compromise. When user data is compromised you have penalties and loss of trust. 
Our Web Application Assessment Approach
Web application security encompasses measures taken throughout the applications life cycle to prevent exceptions in security policy of an application, or the underlying system vulnerabilities through flaws in design, development, deployment, upgrade or maintenance of the application.

The assessment objective is to examine the subsystem, components, interactions and security mechanisms of the web application security vulnerabilities.

DBAPPSecurity analysts have extensive experience using commercial and proprietary tools, and public domain utilities, to examine the security postures of an application. We analyze web application security from several points: the unauthorized user, the authorized user, and to the extent possible, the administrative and developer users.

Questions Our Report Will Answer

Can a hacker access my internal network and resources via my website?
Can I provide management with evidence concerning the current risk associated with
Web-based application?
Can I obtain sufficient vulnerability details to facilitate cost-effective risk mitigation?
Can I gain sufficient knowledge about my security postures to assist in short and long term
strategy and budget planning?

Penetration Testing Service
At DBAPPSecurity, we have developed an expert and proprietary tools to perform in-depth security reviews for reducing your application security risk. Our internal/external network security testing service includes the following:

Our Approach to application security testing
Our objective is to examine security vulnerabilities in application, such as web application, database application, and internal/external network. DBAPPSecurity analysts are experienced and highly skilled. We work with the client to create the optimal test plan. We can perform security testing remotely to reduce travel and lodging expenses. Our security engineers use a variety of scanning tools to improve the accuracy of the test results, and produce sound and actionable recommendations.

Key Testing Stages Include:

Questions Our Report Will Answer

  • What are the most critical vulnerabilities that threaten the security of my perimeter defenses?
  • What is the probability that a hacker could penetrate my perimeter and gain access to my data?
  • Do I have unauthorized hosts in my application platform?
  • How do I prioritize the vulnerabilities, create a plan for improvement and get the budget approved?

Database Security Service
Database is at the heart of any useful information system, and the data is one of the most valuable assets. Protecting the business data entails guarding against security breaches, internal sabotage and external threats.

Our Approach To Secure Database
DBAPPSecurity Database Security Services provide you with the processes and tools you need to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your database while increasing the accountability of those users who do have access. There are three check points as our strategy used to protect the company’s database environments:

  • Sensitive customer data encryption
  • Secure Database Processes
  • Database user and password management

Questions Our Report Will Answer

  • Does unauthorized access and critical vulnerability exist in my database?
  • Can I provide management with evidence concerning the current risk associated with database?
  • Can I obtain sufficient vulnerability details to facilitate cost-effective risk mitigation?
  • Can I gain sufficient knowledge about my security posture to help in short and long term
  • strategy and budget planning?

Security Consulting Service
At DBAPPSecurity, our IT Security Consulting Services help the customer build effective security programs that not only protect its infrastructure, but also enhance the business operations. Our dedicated security consultants are with more than 5 years of IT security consulting experience in disciplines including security risk and control assessment, threat and vulnerability management, infrastructure and operation security, compliance management, and incident planning and response.

Questions Our Report Will Answer

  • Assesses where you are today and understand where you need to be, keeping in line with your business objectives.
  • Transforms your security to address gaps and better manage risk and opportunities.
  • Can I obtain sufficient vulnerability details to facilitate cost-effective risk mitigation?
  • Optimizes your security environment to maximize investments
  • Manages your infrastructure proactively to keep you agile and ready to respond quickly to security issues.