Responsive Website Development.

With the popularity of mobile Internet, websites today need to automatically adapt to various browser resolutions and display effects of different mobile devices (e.g., smartphones with different screen sizes;Different sizes of screens, different resolutions of pads, laptops, desktops, etc.), which requires our general business website to be developed and designed based on adaptive requirements.

The idea is that a website can be compatible with multiple terminals – rather than making a specific version for each terminal.

Advantages of adaptive web design:

Mobile App Development.

We can provide clients with various mobile apps based on Android, IOS and Windows Phone.

Here, Our clients can choose Web APP with relatively low cost and short cycle running through the browser according to their own needs.

You can also choose Native apps that can provide the best user experience and better user interface, but with the relatively high cost and long development cycle.

At the same time, based on years of experience of the development team, we also provide strong background business support platform program development for the foreground APP, to meet the requirements of high-end users with high concurrency and high security

Wetchat Development.

Provide secondary development of business promotion software/platform based on the WeChat platform interface(Including but not limited to Wechat applet, Official /Public Accounts, etc) and provide 24-hour online business promotion, operation and maintenance services.

Video surveillance.

We not only provide video surveillance equipment and installation service but also can provide all kinds of customized solutions to the Intelligent video surveillance system to meet the needs of residential and business clients.

THE intelligent video Surveillance system is developed based on the traditional video monitoring system, but it is very different, it includes more advanced video monitoring technology. Intelligent video surveillance system can automatically detect, track and identify different objects, and conduct event analysis, to detect suspicious situations in monitoring video and issue the corresponding level of alarm according to the security level of monitoring scene, to minimize the false alarm rate and missed alarm rate.

Its advantage shows in the following respects:

An intelligent video monitoring system continuously analyzes the monitored images through the intelligent analysis module or software, realizing the active coding, alarm and preservation of abnormal events and suspected threats, completely changing the previous way of monitoring and analyzing the monitoring images completely by the monitoring personnel.

An Intelligent Video Surveillance system usually has strong image processing ability and an advanced intelligent algorithm, so that security personnel can more accurately define the characteristics of security threats, effectively detect abnormal alarm events or potential threats, greatly reduce the occurrence of false alarm and omission.

An intelligent video monitoring system has more intelligent features than an ordinary network video monitoring system, which can identify suspicious activities. For example, when someone leaves a suspicious object in a public place, or someone stays in a sensitive area for too long, it can prompt the security staff to pay attention to the relevant monitoring screen immediately so that the security department has enough time to prepare for potential threats.

An intelligent video surveillance system can save storage space more than an ordinary video monitoring system. It can only store monitoring images and scene information in case of suspicious situations or alarm, which can reduce the transmission and storage of a large amount of useless data, and provide the fast content-based query for stored monitoring information.

Computer repair.

In today’s information age, the ultimate assets of an individual or enterprise are likely to be digital assets, such as data stored on various IT devices. Therefore, when computer hardware and software fail at work, IT is likely to cause serious losses to you. Because, even a small software alarm, may bring you significant losses.

Not only can we help you to fix the current problems of your computer, but we can also provide you with the correct advice on how to use it. Avoid recurrence and provide quality assurance for the fixed problem.

Our commitment to computer maintenance is: no problem solved, no charge.

Our expert technicians also provide a wide range of repair services, including:

IT strategy consulting.

We use mature IT management theory, experience, tools, to the customer’s development goals, organizational structure, business status and research and systematic analysis of the present situation and problems of IT, at the same time, combining with the actual needs of business development for the IT and industry the best practice, formulated the future enterprise informatization construction involves the IT overall architecture, technical route, hardware, network infrastructure, application software platform, IT management system and running IT construction steps, etc. Provide guidance and support for informatization to effectively serve clients’ business development.

The impact of IT strategy consulting on clients: